Photographer tips for the perfect selfie!

Photographer tips for the perfect selfie!

As a photographer I have a few tips on selfies……these are things that I do automatically with my large DSLR camera, but changing the lighting and angle can make all the difference when taking a photograph of yourself on your phone.

Make sure the light is not coming from directly above you, this can create shadows (ie bags under the eyes) and direct sunlight is incredibly harsh.. The light source generally needs to be straight in front – e.g. a window but not where the sun is shining straight through at you. It needs to be subtle. For example, you could be facing towards a well lit room or one where the light is on.   

Hold the camera up high – as much as a foot above you – this slims the face and avoids the unflattering double chin angle.

Have your camera up in selfie mode so you can see the screen and slowly turn yourself around in the room/outdoors until you look your best through the back of the camera – this is most likely to be when you have a nice even light in front of your face.

There you have it!!  – Perfect selfie with no filter!!! 


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