Top 10 Tips for Family Shoots

Top 10 Tips for Family Shoots

With the experience of 8 years, and over 100 bookings, I’d like to share with you a few of my top tips for getting the best out of your family photoshoots. 

1) Book your shoot for a time of day when your child, or children, are at their happiest. Whether it be the morning when they are full of energy, or for tiny ones, the afternoon after a nap. It is so important that they enjoy the shoot as much as possible so that the smiles captured are natural ones.  

2) Feel free to bring snacks along – the shoot usually involves lots of running about, walking and playing – it can be hungry work being a little model!! 


3) Try to coordinate the family as much as possible – the photos look amazing when everyone is in similar colours and styles – for example mustard, navy blue and burgundy for the Autumn, and pastels and pale colours for the Spring and Summer.

4) If you can vary your outfits at all – eg, with changes of jackets, coats, scarves, hats, jumpers etc then you will have a wider range of interest to your finished set of photos. 

5) Make sure your children are comfortable in what they are wearing. If they feel good they will respond much better to the camera. 

6) Treat yourself to a makeover beforehand if you are nervous about being in front of the camera – I know a fantastic and reasonable makeup artist, if your shoot location is close to my home in Digby Village, Lincolnshire. Recommended to make you feel amazing and confident for your shoot. 

7) During the photoshoot feel free to throw ideas my way – parents often have excellent ideas for the photos they would like, and are inspired during the shoot by particular items and backgrounds. I love to work with my clients to create unique photos.

8) Beforehand, have a think about what you particularly want me to capture – ie. a really amazing posed shot of the whole family to use for Christmas cards, just some stunning individual photos of your child or children, or a photo you’ve always wanted – requests have included – all hands including the dog’s paw, a five year old girl in her mum’s wedding dress, and the whole family walking holding hands. 

9) If you have any specific photo ideas please contact me in advance so I can plan how to achieve them for you. 

10) And lastly……ENJOY YOUR SHOOT!!!! It’s a lovely, fun experience and I aim to capture you all having a wonderful family time together. 

To book with White Rectangle Photography please call on 01526 323233 or 07795 661607 or email: 

My photo packages are just £80 for a 90 minute shoot – all images supplied with full copyright.

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