Bump to Birthday!!

Bump to Birthday!!

It’s been so amazing photographing little Arthur’s first year in the world, right from when he wasn’t even born.

I met his mum during a lovely chilled out ‘bump art’ day with Leanne Wheeler of Colour Me Happy Face Painting – when she painted a Disney design on his mum’s bump. 

I love shoots like this, it gave me an opportunity to meet the mum and chat away whilst Leanne worked hard at painting, and I documented the process by taking a few shots every so often. 

Then at the end I took over with a mini photoshoot in the woods, which included a shot of both arms, that had been decorated, one blue and one pink, with pink flowers, and blue balloons, for a gender reveal after the birth.

A week later little Arthur was born, so the blue balloon arm shot with the bump art, was used to announce his birth. 

I went into Arthur’s home when he was just a week old, with all my mobile studio equipment to capture all his perfect, tiny, cuteness. He was a wonderful little baby model – so sleepy and content for me to gently move him from one pose to another, with various items and blankets. 

During his first year he featured in at least three family shoots, with cousins from both sides of the family, and his own family for a little autumn themed mini shoot. 

The 6th time I photographed him was a gorgeous very fun cake smash with his baby cousin who was born just a week before him. They absolutely loved digging into the cake, and splashing about in the tin bath afterwards. 

As a result of such a lovely year of photographing Arthur I decided to put together a package for other mums too. 

Bump to Birthday Package:
Includes USB stick with:
Maternity Outdoor Golden Hour Shoot
Newborn Studio Shoot
Family Outdoor Shoot
1st Birthday Smash and Splash
10 prints after each shoot

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