Newborn Photography Tips for when professionals are in lockdown!

May 12, 2020 | Carol Jane Phillips - BA Hons

I’m really feeling for all those new parents with a brand new baby but no-one available to take those beautiful tiny-baby shots. I want to help!

Here are a few guidelines so you can take some of your own, with just a mobile phone available.

I’d love to see your shots so please do share them with me – and if you do want a professional baby shoot when it’s totally safe to do so, then I’m here for you! I have used my newborn studio set-up for many babies that are much older than the ideal 10-14 day window and they still look super cute. My wooden trench bowl and tiny hats may no longer fit but I can still create some amazing shots for you to treasure.

In the meantime I hope the following helps:

  • Good Light:

Choose a nice warm and well lit room, but make sure that the area where you are photographing your baby is not in direct sunlight, so as to avoid unflattering lighting and shadows.

  • Keep the background uncluttered:

Hang or place a plain coloured blanket behind the area where you want to photograph your baby, and for your baby to lie on. I find creams and neutral colours the best for newborns.

  • Clothing:

Bare skin is best so that your photo is timeless. Alternatively dress them in very plain, neutral clothing. If you are stripping their nappy off too – pop a muslin or small towel underneath the blanket where they are lying to make clearing up easier afterwards as 9 times out of 10 they will wee when exposed to the open air! If you have a blanket partially covering your baby it’s not necessary to remove the nappy,  just make sure that the blanket is positioned so as to hide it.

  • Phone Settings:

iPhone focusing function (I’m sure other phones will have a similar tool). Click on the part of the image that is the most important (e.g. the eye nearest to you) – a yellow box will appear in that area. This will ensure that you have the correct area in focus.
You can then slide the sunshine icon to the right of the yellow square up or down to increase or decrease the brightness of the photo.

  • Editing:

All phones have basic editing functions so you can fine tune your image. However, I would personally recommend familiarising yourself with the app Snapseed which is very similar to professional editing programmes but simplified for mobile phone use. 

  • Your baby!
  •  Lastly – choose a time to take your photos when your baby is happy and content, or fast asleep. The bonus of taking your own photos is that you can just wait for a time when they are at their best temperament.

    Don’t forget to zoom in on details like tiny hands and feet. Take your partner’s hands with theirs to show the difference in scale.

    Good luck!

    Please forward this to anyone that has had a baby during lockdown.


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